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Andy is a certified member of the Custom Rod Builder's Guild

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Hello, and Welcome,     

To The Angler’s Arm Custom Fishing Rod Shop website. The purpose of this site is to introduce you into the Custom Fishing Rod world without overwhelming you with a plethora of information that is only understood by rod builders, and to offer to you, our potential customers, a chance to become part of our growing family of satisfied customers, and proud owners of beautifully crafted and designed Custom Fishing Rods.

All of these creations are designed and crafted by our Lead Engineer, Andy Piscitelli, a pioneer in the industry for over 30 years experience in the rod building trade, since 1978.

Through all of his trials and tribulations, he now feels it’s time to offer these creations on a wider scale than what was available in the past.

We will help you get familiarized with what exactly a Custom Fishing Rod is comprised of, and to take the confusion out of your desire to purchase, or have a rod personally designed to your specifications by providing to you picture galleries backed up with explanations in the form of articles about components and so on.                                                                                                 

We at The Angler’s Arm Custom Fishing Rod Shop,Thank You for your interest in our web-site.

Now, feel free to browse the site. And we hope that it is of help and knowledge to all that are interested,......Thanks, Andy.

Andy Piscitelli

Lead Engineer
  • Lifetime Fisherman
  • 30 years building custom rods
  • Plenty of happy customers (see testimonials)
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